The Magic Wallet – what is it really?

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Wondering if the real magic wallet really exists ? how does it work or how to have the real magic wallet? In this new article I will tell you about what the magic wallet really is , what it really represents and how does it work? How to find the magic wallet?

I am the powerful grand master marabout Orilé , one of the greatest marabout of West Africa,

I am present at the largest spiritual congress of the marabout in Africa, a congress that I sometimes preside over.

Thanks to this blog I am much more accessible to help you in the resolution of your problems of a financial, sentimental, medical and much more.

Important point

the real magic wallet

Does the real magic wallet really exist ?

If you ask yourself this question it is because you do not really believe it and this is quite normal.

It is hard to believe that an object capable of producing a lot of money every day exists when one has no proof of its existence.

This is the reason why the great master marabout oriled in a very long demonstration videos of the real magic wallet explains everything about this sacred object, during these 20 minutes of demonstration, several secrets of the magic wallet will be revealed to you. "Demonstration of the real magic wallet "

What is the magic wallet?

Many people ask themselves this question and it leaves other skeptics however, it has already changed the lives of more than a hundred people a day in the world.

The magic wallet also called magic wallet or magic bed is a wallet made with specific elements

and arranged with rituals given in a precise order for the purpose of conferring on this object a sacred power,

it is then able to produce a large amount of money every day for a given period of time.

It can produce money in euros, dollars or fcfa, this is a real banknote that you can use as you wish.

The amount of money produced per day varies and the duration of operation of the magic wallet varies depending on what you request.

You therefore understand that for the making of the magic wallet, certain ingredients and elements are required and must be arranged with the utmost care.

Everything must be done according to a certain number of rituals and in a very specific order.

By having an idea of the ingredients used and how the rituals are performed you will then understand what the magic wallet is.

and how to take full advantage of this wealth.

as I often say:

true wealth is held by the bold who know how to take advantage of the right opportunities when necessary.

Powerful grand master marabout orilé

The ingredients and ritual used in the realization of the magic purse -Master marabout orilé.

For the realization of the magic wallet the following elements are used by the great master marabout orilé .

  • Fine fabrics of specific color (can be preserved and used after )
  • Artifact and spiritual talisman (used in some cases this can vary from person to person.)
  • classic wallet (used for those who want a discreet magic wallet not too showy.. it is limited to use)
  • Manufacturing ingredient
  • ( it is for the most part of given animals, this element is to be used after acquisition, impossible to preserve )
  • Ingredient and elements of rituals
  • (here it is several rituals the one who activates the power of the deities for production the one who binds the wallet to you making you his sole owner, all these elements must be used after acquisition)

Regarding the rituals of the making at the final stage 3 rituals are done in a precise order for reasons of confidentiality

and especially fraud will not publish these rituals and their order of execution here.

just know that all these rituals are done in 3 days or more. according to the conditions of nature .

For ingredients many are available in the sub-region but it happens that I have to travel for the credits

The different stages of realization of the wallet of the great master marabout orilé

Here, I explain in a simple way in 3 main steps

how this makes the magic wallet so that you can understand clearly.

1- How to make a magic wallet.

magic wallet demo

For this step the ingredients and various elements are assembled by the grand master orilé in the room displayed above

so that the orra of the wallet is not affected by that of some

deities and genius found in the brood.

You need to choose a given time of day or night,

it is at this time that you will have chosen that the wallet will produce money for you every day and of course only once a day.

this is where are arranged the ingredient mentioned above with ritual given this step takes 2 days,

After which the ritual to activate the power of production of money is carried out.

2-The ritual for activating the productive power of the magic purse or magic bedou

After having realized the magic portfolio the great master marabout orilé

must now proceed to activate the production power of the magic wallet .

This ritual is a compound of several other sacred rituals it must be done before the 17 days that preceded the first stage.

So at most 17 days after the realization of the magic wallet it must be done,

because the element and ingredient used for this ritual cannot be preserved.

the deities in the magic wallet that have already been prepared and inserted into the magic wallet

if the activation is not done so much it would lead to a resumption of work from the beginning.

When everything is done correctly and the wallet is thus endowed with the power of production

for a given period of 5 years, 7 years or more.

After this great ritual of activation of the magic wallet we will pass

to the great ritual of linking the wallet to its owner.

3- Ritual of binding the magic wallet to are sole owner.

The wallet has only one owner,

several people can therefore use it .this ritual is obviously mandatory for the owner of the magic wallet because it is this ritual that makes that you can once the wallet at home launched the production

Thanks to this ritual the deities of the wallet will be able to recognize you and do their production work.

To perform this ritual the great master marabout orilé uses several ingredients and elements in a precise order

the magic wallet

All the wallets made by the great oriled master are perfectly

functional and usable from the day you receive it at home.

How to have the magic wallet of the powerful oriled master marabout and how to use it?

It will be easier for you to use the magic wallet because here you have followed me so far you have understood the manufacturing process of the said magic wallet.

Now I will explain how to use your magic wallet once in your Possession.

1-Ask to have the magic wallet or magic bedou of the powerful grand master orilé.

You can now ask to have your own wallet by contacting the powerful oriled grand master marabout.

If you have followed me so far you know that within a maximum of one week your wallet is already ready for shipment perfectly functional as soon as you receive it, you will receive it or you want it anywhere in the world according to your delivery methods.

Once the wallet in your possession you are ready to use it and take advantage of it.

2-Launched the production of the agent thanks to the magic wallet of the great orilized master

Once you have received your wallet from the oriled grand master

it is already operational and ready to make you rich.

  • the wallet must be in a secure location.

I always say the magic wallet is a sacred object in which shelters

some deities you must therefore treat it with the utmost care.

it is not a toy with which you have to walk,

you must treat it with the utmost care and it must be away from prying eyes.You are the only person who can make use of it.

  • How to start production

Once the wallet at home as it was said in the process of realizing the portfolio,

you had to choose a given time for the production of the magic wallet money.

It is at this time that the deities of the wallet are ready for production (you have up to

1 hour of time after the time choose to start the production the deities are always close).

As soon as the time rings you will go to get your wallet you just tap on it 3 times after which you leave it.

30 minutes later you open it and you remove all the banknotes that contain the magic wallet. he must not remain anything in the magic wallet.

As soon as you have the wallet notes in hand they become yours,

it's your money now you can do anything you want with it.

Example: for a person who has chosen as production time 9pm.

Every day at 9pm (he has until 10pm to do it) he will take his wallet that he taps three then,

he deposits the wallet and comes back in 30 minutes or more if he wants, looking for the wallet that he opens afterwards.

Then he removes all the banknotes contained in the magic wallet he must not remain anything as a note in the wallet.

It can now tidy up the wallet.As soon as the wallet holder notes are in your hands they become money he can do anything he wants with it.

Now that you know how to use the magic wallet

of the great master marabout orilé who are those who can use it?

We will talk about it in the following .

Who are those who can make use of this sacred object?

This Item is not intended for anything that is not in need of money.

The magic wallet can be used by all those who feel the need to have one, all those who want to benefit from the power that money offers, whether you are;

  • young
  • old
  • Man
  • Wife

You have the opportunity to access the infinite wealth offered by the magic wallet of the great master marabout orilé.

You can order it now

What are the disadvantages of the magic wallet ?

Before asking to have such an object it is important to know if it does not have disastrous repercussions on your life or that of your loved ones.

This is an occult object so it is normal to worry about certain things

So what are the disadvantages of the magic wallet?

Know it now, the wallet of the oriled grand master has no disadvantages on you, your life let alone that of your loved ones .

All the ingredients used for this designs are taken from nature and this in the respect of human life

which is sacred and respect for the rules and ancestral values of nature that surround us.

However used such an object requires the respect of certain prohibition commonly called totems .

In this case the main totem to respect as soon as you have your

Magic wallet in your hands is that you no longer have to eat dog meat… never again.

How to have the real magic wallet or magic wallet in the powerful oriled grand master?

If you have followed me so far it is because you already know many things you can now do what it takes to change your life by contacting me. As I have already said the use of the wallet that I make is without negative consequence on you, your family or your loved ones.

You can make full use of the money from the magic wallet and do all you want is real banknote. as soon as you have withdrawn the notes from the magic wallet they belong to you it is your money now

Contacted me directly to order your magic wallet

You can contact me through this blog

Whatsapp or direct call: +229 68 34 28 37


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