The magic suitcase – all you know, explain, ritual

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You have for a long time done long research on the magic suitcase, you wonder if the magic suitcase really exists? how does it work or how to have the real magic suitcase? In this new article I will tell you about what the real suitcase is, what the magic suitcase really represents and how it works? how to have the magic suitcase?

All the secrets of the magic suitcase will be revealed to you.

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What is the magic suitcase and how to have the magic suitcase?

Know it right now It is a sacred object consecrated by the deities of vaudoun worship to grant its holder a lot of money according to these desires .

It is a simple suitcase that is prepared to accommodate given deities, it is these deities who do the work once placed in the suitcase.

The simple suitcase is then endowed with the power of production of real banknote.

This operation to make a simple suitcase, a sacred suitcase capable of producing money is done after a certain number of rituals in a very specific order.

So make it own magic suitcase is impossible .only the great master marabout in harmony with nature and having the secret of these sacred rituals is able to help you.

Explanation – all about the magic suitcase

This object is very powerful because the deities who inhabit it and who do the work of production or multiplication of banknotes require the mandatory respect of certain rules on the part of the owner of this object.

These rules will be communicated to you when you contact the great master orilé to place your order.

The thing to know is that the magic suitcase banknote multiplier is above all a secret object .

you will not see these holders say everywhere that they are in their possession such an object .if you have it you must keep this to yourself .

The magic suitcase in euro, dollars, fcfa,

The money is produced according to the country you are in. Although you have the option to order a suitcase that only produces in a given currency

This can no matter what country you are in. So you can be in Africa and ask to have a suitcase that only produces the euro.

The ingredients and rituals entering into the realization of the magic suitcase.

For the realization of the suitcase the following elements are used by the grand master marabout orilé.

  • Fine fabrics of specific color (can be preserved and used after )
  • Artifact and spiritual talisman (used in some cases this can vary from person to person.)
  • classic suitcase (used for those who want a discrete suitcase not too showy .. it is limited to use)
  • Ingredient of making the magic suitcase
  • (this is part of several animals given, this element is to be used after acquisition, impossible to preserve), given plants that must be picked at very specific times following given rituals.
  • Ingredient and elements of magic suitcase ritual
  • (here it is several ritual the one that activates the power of the deities for the production the one that links the suitcase to you, making you its sole owner, all these elements must be used after acquisition)

What is the amount produced?

This suitcase is capable of producing a lot of money, but the amount produced is according to the spiritual energies of the user.

The maximum amount that can be produced by the magic suitcase is 65,850,000 FCFA or about 100,000 euro.

However you can specially order a suitcase that produces much more this depending on your means.

The money is produced only once a week and this for a period of 7 years.

You have to get along with the grand master on a day or the money will be produced by the suitcase within the week.

It is only at this day that you can start the production of the balls .

How does the real magic suitcase work?

As soon as you have ordered your magic suitcase from the grand master marabout orilé, you will receive it by DHL. From the first day you can use it .

The suitcase produces the money only once during a week, so you can not launch two productions during the same week.

When the valise is in your Possession and you want to start production,

to do so, you must take the suitcase and state the incantations that will be sent to you by the great master oriled .

After that you close themagic suitcase and you wait 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes you open the suitcase and you pick up all the tickets that are inside, it is important not to leave a single ticket inside the suitcase.

The totem poles to respect

here the totems to be respected can vary depending on your astrological sign and your spiritual energy

The grand master marabout orilé will communicate to you the totems that are specific to you.

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