The Magic of Money of the Grand Master Marabout Orilé

What is the magic of money?

The magic of money is a form of magic used by high personalities in themselves world to increase their good and consolidate their fortunes, to do this the use of a set of sacred magic formula very precise is necessary.To this is added in some cases the use of sacred amulet, ritual and other magical object.

Forms of silver magic

There are to this day several forms of silver magic that you will find in both white magic and black magic.Among the forms of money magic that exists there are the sacred rituals for a strong attraction of money, the use of sacred objects such as submission rings that are designed for traders cars it allows to subject a person to these desires during a negotiation, the use of mystical and sacred object such as the mystical wallet money multiplier.

Know that for the used a consultation with the deities is absolutely necessary in order to choose which form of this magic you have the most adapt because each human soul is different. The form of money magic chosen must be in accordance with your soul so that you can fully enjoy it.For the consultation your first and last name followed by your date of birth is required.


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